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A lifelong trusted real estate advisor with market knowledge, negotiation skills, and good instincts can save you time & money and help mitigate your risk. Reach your goals by partnering with Forage Real Estate. See below for client testimonials. Contact Natalie today.


Realtor Boonville Missouri Real Estate Agent

Natalie Selsor, MSW, REALTOR®


Forage Real Estate, LLC


Working with Natalie to sell our home was a fantastic experience. Throughout the process, Natalie gave clear, well-reasoned advice that always took our best interests fully into account. Natalie is incredibly responsive to any questions or concerns, and she kept us looped in to the progress of the listing and sale at every step. She put incredible care into every aspect of her work with us, from crafting a beautiful listing to helping us start the process of finding a new home out of state. I cannot recommend Natalie more highly, especially for her wonderful combination of professionalism and care for her clients. - Ryan K., Boonville


Natalie Selsor was amazing to work with! She was always on top of things, always kept me in the loop, and had a game plan for when things were discovered about the house during inspection that were not ideal. I live three hours away from where the house is located and she was very helpful with recommendations and scheduling estimates for me when needed, she even drove out to the house to turn off the ac for me when I got a pricey electric bill. She was always upfront and genuine. I would definitely work with her again if I got the chance! - Geneva G., Pilot Grove


Natalie was always helpful - a good listener with lots of enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge of what to watch for, a variety of contacts - plumbers, electricians, etc and availability for showings and questions above and beyond. - Marla S., Boonville

Natalie is honest, knowledgeable, and available on a moment’s notice. Natalie knows the market and the community and is the perfect agent for first time or repeat home buyers. I highly recommend Natalie for all your real estate needs. - Lori H., Boonville

Natalie was awesome. We had a super fast and easy sales process. She was also very quick in her responses when we had basic questions but best of all, she was super patient. I would HIGHLY recommend her. - Jim S., New Haven

Natalie is the best support to have when going through the stress and excitement of buying or selling a home. She is calm, thorough, and always committed to her clients' best interests. She makes herself available to her clients and shares in all of the emotions that come with a home sale while keeping everything on track and moving forward. She's the best! - Emily E., Lake St. Louis

Natalie is a wonderful agent and helped us find the perfect home for our growing family! She was patient with us throughout the whole process, answered all of our questions but most importantly, she was prompt and available for our house buying needs. - Hanna G., St. Charles

Natalie was extremely professional and friendly. She knows the sales process very well and my wife and I always felt like we were in competent hands throughout the sales process. We give Natalie our finest endorsement! - Robert F., Chesterfield


I couldn't have been happier with the process! Natalie consistently demonstrated her knowledge and resources was always prepared and exceeded all of my expectations for the amount of research and legwork to expect from an agent. She was completely indispensable during the negotiation process. Will absolutely be using her services next time I'm buying or selling. - Alex B., St. Louis


Natalie was great! Very personable, straightforward, and committed. She was there every step of the way following through with the mortgage broker the other agents and checking in with us. I've already recommended her to several people and will continue to do so. Thanks Natalie! - Adam B., University City


We loved working with Natalie Selsor. She provided excellent advice and expanded on things wonderfully in ways we could understand. She was knowledgable, kind, courteous, and genuinely fun to be around. She also provided referrals for all the extra things you need (painters handy men etc.). Natalie rocks! - Tori B., O'Fallon

Natalie gave an incredible amount of time and effort into every detail of the process. She helped us research and negotiate and really went the extra mile to ensure we were taken care of. We highly recommend Natalie if you are in the market to sell or purchase a new home - she was excellent to work with from the start to the finish! - Gail B., St. Louis

Natalie made a sticky COVID house buying process easy! I would recommend her for anyone buying house just as she was recommended to us. Couldn't ask for better service. - Jacob Y., St. Louis


Natalie is the best. She's positive, responsive, and punctual was greatly appreciated. The home buying process during COVID was an unprecedented turn of events and Natalie's enthusiasm and professionalism really helped. We are so pleased and could not have done this without her diligence. - Mallory Y., St. Louis

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