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Buyer Be Aware: Inspections are for Your Protection

by: Natalie Selsor

Most home buyers hire an inspector to evaluate the house they are purchasing. The broad purpose of home inspections is to reduce financial and safety risks, to the extent possible, for the buyer. The most common is the general building inspection, a visual assessment of the interior & exterior of the property by a certified home inspector. But did you know there are many other types of inspections home buyers can order to further mitigate risk and learn more about the condition of the home they are purchasing?

Such inspections include, but are not limited to:

HVAC/Mechanical Evaluation

Roof Evaluation

Termite Inspection

Chimney/Fireplace Inspection

Hot Tub/Pool Inspection

Lagoon/Septic Inspection

Sewer Line Camera Scope

Water Well Inspection

Dock Inspection

Ponds & Lakes

Sprinkler/Irrigation System Inspection  

Security System Inspection

And More!

Environmental Testing:


Lead-Based Paint



Air Quality

Water Quality 

Soil Testing

And More!


Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process and are intended to mitigate buyer risk. The more buyers know about the property they are purchasing, the better! 

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