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Buyer Be Aware: Ready, Set…Show!

by: Natalie Selsor

So you’ve found some houses you’d like to see. What can you do to prepare for the showings?

Let your agent know as soon possible in the event the sellers require advance notice.

Ask your agent for any available disclosures. Sellers’ disclosures can help you:


1. View the condition of the property through a more informed lens. 

Disclosures often contain information about past & needed repairs. Your home inspector will evaluate the condition, but prior knowledge of past & potential issues can help you prepare questions for your inspector and begin thinking about offer terms & negotiation strategies. 

2. Confirm your interest in seeing the property.

Once in awhile there is something in the seller’s disclosure that disuades a previously enthusiastic buyer from wanting to see a property (e.g. a bid for a major foundation repair). Learn what you can upfront so you can decide if you’d still like to see the house in person. 

3. Answer questions you may have during the showing.

As you tour a listing, you may wonder things like, “Is the fireplace operational?

How old is the roof? Does the hot tub convey with the sale?” Your agent should have these details about the listing, but reviewing information provided by the seller ahead of time can help you feel confident & reassured during the showing. 


Most sellers provide written disclosures with important information about their property. Be sure to ask your agent to see them prior to each showing. Happy House Hunting!

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