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Savvy Sellers Know: Appeal to the Senses!

by: Natalie Selsor

Competitive listings look great. But there are ways to “wow” your potential buyers beyond

de-cluttering & staging. Check out these showing tips for sellers, and appeal to all the senses.


“Alexa, play light instrumental music.” Before each showing, consider putting on a chill playlist or peaceful jazz screensaver on your tv to make your buyers feel relaxed and right at home.


Appealing listings have no foul or stale odors, but even better ones smell fantastic. Consider using an essential oil diffuser or wax burner prior to showings. Be sure to avoid strong synthetic sprays that might overwhelm buyers and make them wonder if there is an to odor being covered up. To make your listing even sweeter, consider making cookies or brownies before showings.


Of course your buyers are not expecting refreshments, but consider leaving a dish of individually-wrapped mints or candy on the counter with a fresh bouquet of flowers (which will also smell sweet!). This warm & hospitable gesture might get your buyers thinking of all the ways they can entertain and welcome their own guests in their new home.


Buyers should not touch your personal property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appeal to this sense as well. Even the sight of a cozy fur throw or over-sized pillows can give your buyers that warm fuzzy feeling of home. And don’t forget to keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature to maintain a welcoming vibe.


A good listing encourages buyers to see themselves living in the space, but a great listing makes

them feel it. Don’t overlook small touches to help make your house their Home Sweet Home!

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