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Savvy Sellers Know: It Pays to Hire an Agent

Updated: Jul 4

by: Natalie Selsor

Sometimes saving money can be expensive.

Today some homeowners are thinking, "The market is hot! I don't need an agent. I can find my own buyer." But only 8% of sellers work without a listing agent, and almost 90% of those sellers will still have a real estate agent involved in the transaction.*

Agents bring value in any market. A seller’s market is no exception.

1. Good listing agents more than make up their commission. Homeowners who sell with agents net significantly more on average than those who sell by owner (anywhere from 10-40% more).* 

2. When you pursue one buyer, you remove competition. Competition is a defining feature of a seller's market. Multiple offers require multiple buyers, which may mean better prices & terms.

3. Riding the demand wave of a seller's market calls for visibility. Gain maximum exposure by listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database and marketing with a great agent.

When inventory is low, for-sale-by-owners operate on the periphery of incredibly favorable market conditions. You will likely miss out on the full benefits of a seller's market by going rogue.


Odds are you'll net more with an agent, so don't step over dollars to pick up pennies.

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